It’s Time!

Manifest Vision Casting

Creation eagerly awaits for the manifestation of the Sons & Daughters of God. At Manifest Network, we believe EVERY child of God has been uniquely designed to fill a specific void in the earth. We want to help you get there. Join us to learn more about how exactly we’re working to equip the body to live how they were created to live.

Join us Sunday, January 9th at 7:30pm for a special time with Pastor Shaun Marshall as he shares the vision for Manifest Network and how you can be a part!

Registration required.

Special Message from Pastor Shaun Marshall: “It’s Time!”
What if we aren’t waiting on God, but God is waiting on us? We believe it’s time for you to MANIFEST! Watch this message. 

Free Resources for January

DAILY JOURNAL Download this journal to help you prepare for and process your day.

FOCUS FAST: Starts Monday, January 10th through Monday, January 31st

Limit your media activities (Facebook, Instagram, TV, etc.) to 1 hour or less per day. Devote the rest of your time and focus to your relationship with God and with others. 


How to Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Make Your Next Move Now

Change is what happens to us, but transition is how we respond. Whether we are wrestling with changes that come through painful or sudden loss, or anticipating changes that bring new opportunities or advance our dreams, we all know the frustration of feeling stuck. The disorientation, uncertainty and fear of not knowing how to respond when we are in the “in-between” moments of life can leave us feeling paralyzed and hopeless about our future.

In Transition Decisions, Shaun Marshall shares wisdom from his personal and professional experiences to help us understand how to respond when change happens. Whether you are facing changes, struggling with grief or leading an organization in transition, this book will provide you with hope, perspective and practical insights for making your next move.

Following through is hard enough, why make it harder trying to go at it alone? Join a supportive community where you can be transparent about your journey forward. Click the icon to join the group!