Teaching and Training Faculty

We have assembled a uniquely gifted team of speakers who make up the Manifest Faculty. These leaders are passionate about helping people live on purpose, and have contributed significant time, content and resources to help us design transforming experiences for participants.

Meet Our Faculty

Shaun Marshall

Founder, Manifest

Nicole Bullock

Founder and Pastor, Blue Oaks Church

David W. Swanson

Pastor and Author

Tracey G. Lee

Pastor and Community Leader

C. Terrell Wheat

Director of Prayer, New Life Southeast

Leslie Rogers

Pastor and Teacher

Dani Kilgore

Pastor and Speaker

Sarah Cowan Johnson

Pastor, Coach and Consultant

Sam Chand

Global Leadership Consultant

Inés Velásquez-McBryde

Pastor, Reconciler, Preacher, Writer, Speaker

Erick David Townsend

Lead Worshipper, Worshipfor24

James Perkins

Counselor and Consultant