Manifest: Commit

We are praying that Manifest will be a dynamic experience that ushers change into the lives of all who attend; but we will not allow this experience to be reduced only to a fond memory.

Once you register, you will be sent a link to take a series of online tests (included in the cost of registration). These tests will provide us with information that will be used to compile your “Manifest Profile”, information that helps to reveal who God has created you to be. As a participant in Manifest events, you will be coached in developing a practical course of action that will help you begin living out your God-given identity. The final product will be the “Manifest Plan“, a document that will help you know what next steps you will take immediately after the experience to effectively Manifest your true potential by becoming an active and aware participant in God’s plan for you as it unfolds.

If you are ready to Change, Connect and Commit to your Manifest Experience, then click the button below to register for one of our upcoming events!