MANIFEST is a movement that exists to help people be who God created them to be, do what God created them to do, and live the life God created them to live. Our mission is to unite, equip, and release people to reconcile the World to Christ and to His Kingdom, and our dream is to help people come alive for the Kingdom of God.

We offer content, connections and community to help people MANIFEST and remain faithful to their unique, God-given vocation. Participants have gained the clarity and courage to launch businesses, write books, change careers, lead ministries and more. And as they learn more about their unique invitation to live and lead, they are able to follow Christ, change lives, and influence the world. 


“Manifest encouraged me to step out and start my business. Two years later my business is still growing. I am so grateful for this ministry helping me to move forward in my purpose. The practical tools, prayer, and accountability have changed my life.”

Lisa W.

“In 2013, I heard God speak to me very clearly through the ministry of Manifest. God was calling me to plant a Church, and to God be the glory, that Church is here today. The Lord used Manifest to ignite my purpose and calling.”

David W.

“Manifest helped me to hear God clearly, and experience God through the prayer, worship and teaching in ways that I never had before. I left realizing that the experience had taken away any fear I may have had…I’m very grateful.”

Patti S.